Hasan Will Die — But How?


It took his jurors less than two hours to decide that Nidal Malik Hasan should die by lethal injection at Forth Leavenworth, Kansas.  But his case is sure to drag on for years, and the odds are that Hasan will die in Leavenworth of natural causes.

As we point our in our book, old age is the biggest killer on Death Row.  Lengthy appeals, changing public opinion and legislative pullbacks have slowed executions nationally, though stalwart states such as Texas and Georgia maintain their pace.

Military executions have been at a halt for 50 years, since the hanging of Army private John A.Bennett on April 13th, 1961, for rape and murder.

Hasan will join five other convicted murderers on Leavenworth’s Death Row.  But all six of the condemned men are statistically more likely to have a final appointment with a gerontologist or oncologist rather than an executioner.

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